Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Big Easy (1986)

Salute to Bad Cops Movie #7 (Click the link to read Matthew Coe Hill’s spirited review of this film)

Synopsis: She’s a little frumpy, he’s a little sleazy; together, they knock boots and solve crimes in The Big Easy!

Blurb From the VHS Jacket: “When a hood’s murder triggers a bloody gangland drug war, detective Remy McSwain (DENNIS QUAID) is on the scene. He’s a smooth-takin’ cop who fits right in with the easy style of Cajun country. Remy meets his match in Anne Osborne (ELLEN BARKIN), a no-nonsense Assistant District Attorney in town to investigate police corruption. At odds from the moment they meet, their electrically-charged attraction keeps the sparks flying.”

What Did I Learn?: 1)  If you’re going bald, don’t buy a bad toupee. It’s cruel, but your chums in the office will take great delight in ripping it from your head and throwing it around the room.

Really?: So wait...Remy and Anne are lovers, yet she doesn’t recuse herself from prosecuting him for accepting a bribe? And after Remy beats the charge, he actually wants to patch things up with her? Come on...

Rating: Action definitely takes a backseat to the romance/sex scenes in The Big Easy (Ellen Barkin is pretty sexy in this film) . It’s an enjoyable movie, although both Quaid and Barkin are obviously acting (he has a strange, manic energy, while she overdoes the frumpiness), and the ending is a bit just know that Remy can outsmart those two clowns.  7/10 stars.

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