Thursday, December 18, 2014

As Good as it Gets (1997)

Jack Nicholson Movie #1 (Please click the links to read my reviews of The King of Marvin Gardens, Chinatown, The Two Jakes, Prizzi’s Honor, Man Trouble, A Few Good Men, Hoffa, Broadcast News, Ironweed and The Departed)  

Synopsis: Ever wanted to see an episode of Sesame Street where Oscar the Grouch solves everyone’s problems? This movie comes close… 

Blurb From the VHS Jacket: “(Jack) Nicholson gives a show-stopping performance as Melvin Udall, an obsessive-compulsive novelist with Manhattan’s meanest mouth. But when his neighbour Simon is hospitalized, Melvin is forced to babysit Simon’s dog.” 

What Did I Learn?: Some people have great stories that take place at lakes, with boats and friends and noodle salad. 

You Might Like This Movie If: See: “Synopsis.”

Really?: Hoo-wee, where do I start? Why would Frank choose Melvin to care for the dog, or think he could get away with pressuring him – couldn’t Melvin have simply called the cops? And why would Frank lend Melvin his car, when he could have simply paid for a train ticket for Simon? How much does it cost Melvin to hire that doctor, and doesn’t he know of any other restaurants in Manhattan? Ok, I’m going to quit, now. 

Rating: As Good as it Gets is a funny, and surprisingly touching comedy-drama that features nice performances from Greg Kinnear and Helen Hunt, and an outstanding one from Nicholson, who somehow manages to keep Melvin likeable even when his behaviour is completely atrocious. The biggest problem with this film, however, is that the story is incredibly contrived (see: “Really?”) and it gets increasingly difficult to believe. 7.5/10 stars.

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