Friday, October 12, 2012

Next Friday (2000)

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Synopsis: Imagine Cheech hiring a replacement Chong, and you get the drift of Next Friday.

Blurb From the VHS Jacket: “Get ready to kick it again with Ice Cube (Three Kings, The Players Club) as he moves to the burbs in this outrageous sequel!”

What Did I Learn?: 1) If you have a sensitive colon, it’s not a great idea to consume a lot of hot sauce before a long drive. 2) Very few individuals will agree to use a hot tub after discovering a used condom in the water.

Really?: 1) I would imagine that most people who fall in dog shit go home and change their clothes; they wouldn’t wear the same coveralls all day. 2) So wait – Debo knocks out the gangbanger about to kill Craig because he wants to do it himself? Why would he want to put his fingerprints all over a murder weapon?

Rating: Next Friday has a few laughs (all of them lowbrow, and mostly thanks to the talented comic actor John Witherspoon), but the film sorely lacks the manic energy of Chris Tucker’s Smokey character. On the whole, Next Friday is pretty forgettable. 5.5/10 stars.

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