Monday, October 29, 2012

Angel Heart (1987)

Halloween Movie #6(66)

Synopsis: Greasy private dick bangs Cosby brat, has *ahem* devil of a time finding evil crooner.

What Did I Learn?: If a guy by the name of “Louis Cyphre” asks you for a meeting, start running.

Really?: 1) So, what’s the significance of Harry’s aversion of chickens? 2) Did the real Harry Angel have any family? Wouldn’t anyone close to him realize there’s an imposter running around? 3) Why exactly does Harry get beaten up at the church when he approaches the woman in the veil? Come to think of it, what business does he have there, considering he meets Cyphre in a restaurant that day? 4) If I were a private investigator and I found that people I spoke to earlier in the day were dropping like flies, and my client doesn’t really give a shit, I think I’d say: “fuck the money” and hightail it back to Brooklyn, ASAP.

Rating: Angel Heart is a stylish, well-written and extremely creepy film with a solid performance from Mickey Rourke and an absolutely outstanding one from Robert DeNiro. Angel Heart works as both a hard-boiled detective story and as a supernatural horror, and it’s well worth watching at least once. Highly recommended. 10/10 stars.

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