Friday, January 27, 2017

Best and Worst (2015)

You may have noticed that I haven’t reviewed all that many movies in recent years. As I explained in November, I wanted to catch up on some popular television shows over the spring and summer, but that’s not the only reason I have slowed down. To be honest, it is sometimes difficult for me to maintain my passion for this blog. I reviewed most of my favourite movies years ago, and it’s tough to get excited about forgettable crap like Hot Stuff or Gang Related. Last January, I even neglected to compile my annual Best and Worst lists. 

Well, I’m going to correct that mistake right now. And since I didn’t write very many reviews in 2015 or 2016, I’m going to merge the “Best” (10/10 stars) and “Honourable Mention” (9/10 stars) categories. 

The Best Movies I reviewed in 2015 (10/10 stars, or 9/10 stars, in no particular order): 

Paris Texas

Mortal Thoughts

Career Girls

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang


American Gangster

Death on the Nile

Rear Window

North by Northwest


The Usual Suspects

Wonder Boys

The Bridge at Remagen

The Bridge on the River Kwai

A Scanner, Darkly

Paths of Glory

    The Worst Movies I reviewed in 2015 (less than 5 stars, in no particular order): 

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