Sunday, January 22, 2012

Manhattan Murder Mystery (1993)

Judging from the sticker attached to the VHS jacket, it looks as though this particular copy of Manhattan Murder Mystery spent some time in Nova Scotia. Public library, perhaps?

Synopsis: Neurotic whiner and bored-but-batshit-crazy domestic goddess initiate World’s most incompetent murder investigation.
Blurb From the VHS Jacket: “Woody Allen and Diane Keaton re-unite in this madcap mystery hailed as Allen’s funniest film since ANNIE HALL. Keaton stars as Carol Lipton, a bored Manhattan housewife who becomes convinced that her next-door neighbour has committed a murder. When her sceptical husband Larry (Allen) rejects the idea, Carol turns to a flirtatious friend (Alan Alda) to help her search for clues.”
What Did I Learn?: It’s not that difficult to barge unannounced into somebody’s home if you’re carrying a tray of pastries.
Really?: It seemed awfully convenient when Carol glances out the window and gets a good look at the supposed victim riding on a cross-town bus. Even better, the bus is only three blocks away from the end of its route.
Rating: Manhattan Murder Mystery is a funny, charming, and well-written film. Larry and Carol are flawed-yet-believable characters who don’t really know what they doing as they start snooping into matters they should best leave alone. 9/10 stars.

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