Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunchaser (1996)

Synopsis: Douchebag surgeon and violent gangbanger haul ass in various stolen vehicles for legendary Navajo sacred mountain.

Blurb From the VHS Jacket:It Began as a Kidnapping. It Became a Journey of Hope.” “Woody Harrelson plays Michael Reynolds, an oncologist with a $175,000 sports car in his parking spot, a multi-million-dollar home in escrow and a new boost up the career ladder to make it all possible. But Michael’s fast-track life detours when a desperately ill patient (Jon Seda of Dear God and 12 Monkeys) kidnaps him at gunpoint. Across highways and backroads, kidnapper and hostage seek a legendary Navajo healing place while a manhunt closes in on them.”

What Did I Learn?: If you’re ever bitten by a rattlesnake, you should immediately hook your jumper cables to a car battery and, um... electrocute the wound.

Really?: 1) Two-thirds into the movie, Woody is free to leave his captor; instead of going to the police, he climbs into the punk’s car, and even pulls off an armed robbery for the kid! 2)Woody is kidnapped for three days, he’s covered in dust, B.O. and whatever else, and he doesn’t think to remove his tie until the last thirty seconds of the movie. 3) It’s funny how a surgeon who quotes Watson and Crick will throw aside reason, logic, and even his own self-preservation in order to find a sacred healing mountain. (See Solaris).

Rating: Sunchaser is a mess. It’s bad enough that I didn’t believe the premise/storyline, but there’s nothing remotely likeable about Seda’s gangbanger character, and it’s tough to watch him bully his doctor over three days. (Somehow it’s all supposed to be ok, though, because Woody is too materialistic and needs to be taught a lesson). 4/10 stars.

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