Saturday, September 24, 2011

8 Mile (2002)

Synopsis: Aspiring to a life of Cristal and bling, white rapper takes on sucker MCs as he prepares for a magical night of rhyming insults.

Blurb From the VHS Jacket: “For Jimmy Smith, Jr. (Eminem), life is a daily fight just to keep hope alive. Feeding his dreams in Detroit’s vibrant music scene, Jimmy wages an extraordinary struggle to find his own voice – and earn a place in a world where rhymes rule, legends are born and every moment... is another chance.”

What Did I Learn?: It’s not a good idea to eat a big meal before a rap battle.

You Might Like This Movie If: You use the phrase, “Know what I’m sayin’” a bit too much:  

Really?: Eminem’s character banged his girlfriend at work, behind some machinery during the day shift at an auto parts factory. Ok, the guy was horny, and Brittany Murphy was pretty cute, but he needed that job and he was already on thin ice with his boss.

Rating: 8 Mile is downbeat and depressing at times, but also rather entertaining.(Kim Basinger gives a great performance as Em’s mom – a woman you probably wouldn’t want to take home from bingo) 8/10 stars.

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