Sunday, November 13, 2011

Three For the Road (1987)

Synopsis: Charlie Sheen takes a drive in the country with Ferris Bueller’s uptight buddy and an underage wild child. WINNING!

Blurb From the VHS Jacket: “[Charlie] Sheen is an aspiring politician; Sheen’s roommate, a budding poet. The two must escort a Senator’s outrageously misbehaved daughter to a reform institution. All three have nothing in common – but a knack for finding trouble... THE COMEDY OF THE YEAR, WITH THE HOTTEST STAR OF THE YEAR.”

What Did I Learn?: If you park a stolen Porsche in an auto junkyard, right next to some precariously-stacked wrecks, there’s a really good chance it will never be the same again.

Really?: 1) Ok, here’s the situation...Sheen and Ruck have their car stolen (along with their wallets and clothes, but that’s a separate robbery), so they in turn steal a Porsche. When Charlie finds the car he’s legally allowed to drive, he continues to drive the Porsche, anyway. WTF? 2) Sheen’s character is 21 in this film, yet he falls for Kerri Green, whose age is never disclosed, but it’s suggested she’s still a teeny-bopper. Did anything think this was a little creepy? Or that the Senator gave Sheen a pair of handcuffs to use if his daughter gets out of control?

Rating: Three For the Road is a mess; for starters, I had trouble with the basic casting... who could  believe that Alan Ruck would entertain the ladies all night long as Charlie Sheen(!!) totally ignores a wild party in order to finish a position paper for some slimy Senator? Things go downhill from there. 3/10 stars.


  1. I think 3 stars is generous. This flick was a steamin' pile of burning dung. By the way, the Sheen clip you posted is actually a lot funnier. Apparently, Ruck and Green were not given any mainstream movie roles after this because the flick crashed and burned. As if they are to blame for this cheesefest.

  2. Well, 3 out of 10 stars isn't exactly a rave review. Obviously, Three for the Road is a terrible movie, but it delivered a few laughs (the rich, jock-meathead was kinda funny), and it wasn't the absolute worst piece'o'crap I've ever seen. ("Please, Hammer, Don't Hurt 'Em", comes pretty close, though).



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