Friday, January 20, 2012

Finding Graceland (1998)

Synopsis: It’s a hunka-hunka-burnin’-cheese!

Blurb From the VHS Jacket: “Some guys have all the luck. But this year, Byron (Johnathon Schaech) isn’t one of them. While driving away his past in a beat-up old Cadillac, he picks up an eccentric (Harvey Keitel) on his way to Memphis. Normal enough, except that this drifter believes he is the real Elvis and that he’s headed home to Graceland.”

What Did I Learn?: Aside from a bunch of useless Elvis trivia ( Mr. Presley wore a 12D shoe, according to the film), I learned the security at Graceland really sucks.

Really?: 1) I had a great deal of trouble believing Byron would have allowed Elvis to continue riding with him after he stiffed him on the lunch tab and then threatened to beat him up for not leaving a better tip. 2) Byron is about to get it on with a hot chick for the first time since his wife died, and he throws her out of his hotel room for mentioning the fatal car accident? Come on...

Rating: Hoo-boy...the premise of Finding Graceland is that Elvis didn’t really die in 1977, and he’s now some sort of wandering, magical being with the ability to heal emotionally-damaged people he meets in the American heartland. It’s hokey, unbelievable, and Schaech has the acting range of a toaster. On the other hand, Keitel does his very best with a limited script, Bridget Fonda is super-hot as a Marilyn Monroe impersonator, and the movie has some nice things to say about forgiving oneself and moving on. 6/10 stars.

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